Looking beyond ROI to deliver customer-centric scalable B2B campaigns

The ROI-driven world of B2B marketing with its complex transactions, intricate value chain and sophisticated products and services used to present a stark contrast to the experience-led world of B2C.

However, with the advent of the digital age, the act of purchasing has become so easy and convenient that consumers now expect the same kind of instant gratification from their B2B purchases as they do from their B2C purchases.

With this in mind, the B2B Marketing Week taking place on 26-28 November 2018 in Dubai, will focus on the latest strategies for delivering personalised B2B customer experience and appealing to the millennial buyer, through the use of omnichannel marketing, marketing automation, innovative content creation, all channel platforms and of course, AI.

The most influential industry voices shaping B2B Marketing

Irene O’Gorman

CMO - Director of Sales and Marketing
KPMG (Lower Gulf Region)

Andrea Clatworthy

Head of Account Based Marketing
Fujitsu, EMEIA

Yasmin Khaliq

Marketing Director MENA

Sudharsan Natesan

Marketing Head and Lead, Middle East, Africa and South Asia

Syeda Kanizul Fatma

Chief Knowledge Officer

Daniel Van Otterdijk

SVP - Group Communications
DP World

Niladri Dutta

Regional Principal – MMEA – Consulting & ADM

Benjamin Schroeder

Senior Vice President, Head of Communications Middle East, Russia

Why attend?

Become less scattergun and more selective: Learn how to identify winning accounts with the biggest growth potential using data analytics.

Create scalable, personalised content: How to align your content strategy with the needs of your prospect accounts.

Educate, engage and excite your millennial B2B buyer: Understand the impact of millennial purchasing behaviours on the B2B digital commerce landscape and learn how to capture this newage buyer at every stage of your customer journey.

Move from a one-to-many to a one-to-one’ approach: What is ABM and how do you do it?

Relationship, reputation and revenue: Adapt your planning and budgeting for a winning ABM strategy and increased ROI.

Become an expert brand builder: Learn how to craft a strong identity defining brand positioning strategy through data analytics and rapid experimentation.

Manage the shift to an e-commerce sales platform: Redefining your buyer journey for a more targeted online lead generation strategy.

Who is it for?

Chief Marketing Officers | Heads/Directors/ VPs of :

Digital Marketing

Channel Marketing

Trade Marketing


Sales and Marketing


Don’t miss the Intelligent Chatbots Focus Day!

The Intelligent Chatbots Focus Day on 28 November which will provide critical solutions for stakeholders who are facing multiple challenges including:

  • Struggling with bots understanding customer accents? Learn how to overcomenatural language processing in chatbots
  • Inundated with customer service requests: Discover how chatbots can transcend daily operations
  • Unhappy customers: Understand how to successfully deploy chatbots to enhance user experience
  • A clear roadmap: Hear first-hand from early implementers on their success and challenges in using chatbots


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